Harga Toyota Alphard Baru 2013


Harga Mobil Toyota New Alphard Baru 2013 Di Surabaya

Dream land.. The Magical place Queens find quality time with their Kings. A wonderous mystery where sleeping beauties smile in their sleep through a thousand miles of sweet kisses. Where an adventurous child, who unable to sit in one place, has the freedom to fly. A kingdom where a king rulse his court and back-seat knight. Thus, it is in the world of Alphard where every dream abides.

Harga Toyota Alphard Brosur Toyota Alphard

Harga Toyota New Alphard Baru 2013 Di Surabaya
New Alphard 3.5 V Automatic = Rp 1.062,600,000
New Alphard 2.4 X Automatic = Rp 704,300,000
New Alphard 2.4 G Automatic = Rp 852,700,000

spesifikasi toyota alphardSpesifikasi Toyota New Alphard

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